Smile For Me

Crystals tapping, mirroring smiles, 
Bluebirds, majestical miles,
Honey maple hinge, a sapphire fringe
Thirty two crescents in style
Medallions of gold, one-hundred fold, a silhouette glistening of ink
A twinkling dream, a burger supreme, right at the tip of the brink
A heart full of gold, a legend untold, series of unfortunate events
A chocolate mix, a handful of twix, a glass of water freshened with mint
Fingers that bounce and kitties that pounce, standing in still for awhile
Words that I speak and words I receive, an effort to bring up a smile.


New and Fragile Love

I just want the one opportunity to get you alone, please beloved one do dispose your flesh filled force field, it makes it harder for my strength to grow, and courage knows me no more when I realize that you’re right outside the edge. I don’t feel I’ve been misled but I do feel abandoned, all of this madness is just happening at random, and nothing is left the way I had it the previous day, what I would think is my leap you’ve gone and taken away. I don’t know what I should do my heart is so far on the line, yet again I’m here to redefine my mind, so boggled in excuses and swarmed in its juices I just hate the idea of loving… It’s just so useless. To have your entire happiness depend on your returning gaze, to have your entire existence depend on the gestures that you make, and to open up my zone is the biggest step I’ll take, I’m way too much afraid to come up with something smart to say, maybe you’re not into me and maybe we don’t mix…

I just wish I would’ve known that before I believed in it.

~ mskraizy

Fresh Outlook

The sun had an hour to light up the sky, the moon had a second to kiss us goodnight, the birds had a minute to wake us with song, and life had eternity to make us belong.

I no longer want to spend the rest of my time trying to figure why things the way they are, they just will be no matter how far into the future we peer, hate will always dwell around us and joy will always be near, and chasing dreams will contain a great amount of fear. This is nothing I can get by it’s the territory of the human being, I can’t change anything about my imperfections or anything with the way life seems. Life is not bad though it could always be played out better, but a life full of perfect possibilities isn’t really what matters. I am starting to believe that Life is not about what you succeed in but more about your failures and how you cope, anyone can deal with winning but how would you survive at the end of your rope? Well, with the little piece of my rope that I have left I won’t be oblivious to the scene, I won’t constantly hide from realities and try to live in foreign dreams. For life to me is no longer a competition of the goods against the greats. Life is just the simple act of getting what you make. And how you choose to make it up no matter how it turns for it may burn to take it’s test, but it just wants you to be the best…

…..for the birds had a minute to wake us with song, and life had eternity to make us belong.

~ Mskraizy


It is only when you think to believe that your dreams matter, and in the blink of an eye your words could change the world, you don’t think for a second that your whole life could shatter, you just care for clearing the future for the coming boys and girls, you don’t hesitate to think what endless perils might await, you force on like a tiger within your soul, you don’t stop to ponder how to open the locked gate, you find a different path and clear it on your own, who thinks about the singed skin while walking through the fire? Who thinks of their tears while swimming in the sea? Who thinks about their legacy long after they expire? Who thinks about you over me? You don’t think how chasing dreams could affect the world around, you don’t ever question what’s in it for me, you don’t think about your world of dreams ever crashing down, until it does while you watch and see.

~ Mskraizy

This… Guy…

You seem rude and uninterested nervous and annoyed, I just don’t know what I should do with you anymore, when I try to move on you dance into my path, and silence is received into my angry aftermath, you won’t look at me directly but you stay nearby, your silencing kills me with an uncontrollable high, I send my words like soldiers so you at least hear my voice, but my words go right past you so you leave me no choice, not many ideas left nor avenues to take, your gates are constantly closed up but you still invade my space, I’m now feeling uneasy for I don’t know what to say, I guess I feel your pain now but at least I won’t walk away, and I still return your gazes, I’ll blush when I say hi, I’ll give you an open door to run right into my life, for you won’t let me near you, you seem ready to shoot me down, if any time I wave you looked past me… to the ground, I’m not saying I don’t accept you it’s not your shyness that I hate, it’s the way you build your castle and keep me locked out at the gate, with no way to come between them, you’ll leave me here for years, that is why I cry inside whenever you come near, if you would just look at me, if you would just smile, then I would persevere for you because it now seems worthwhile, but when you constantly look away and talk to everyone but me, and as soon as I show up you’re back to staring at your feet, the more this gets depressing and the more I back away, it starts to feel so pointless… do you even know my name…

~ Mskraizy

On The Edge

I no longer serve a purpose here on earth anymore, skies are black with no option to be enlightened, the sun will never raise nor will the green grass rise, don’t be surprised if it was meant to be this way. The step that I’m trying to find is nowhere to be found, it’s hard to find anything with all this darkness around, the life I’ve lived is wasted with many hopeless dreams, deciding not to live it is all that matters to me, and they’ll listen to me rant and read words clear as day, then they’ll stand there speechless not knowing what to say, and then they’ll try to help me with a reason to exist, or try to make me feel bad for the strength I can’t commit, that I am just a baby and I’m just making it hard, that I am just weak for letting it all fall apart, but little do you know I’m stronger here inside, for putting in two hundred when you’ve barely even tried, but now I am tired and I’m completely drained, my emotional pool is zapped and only hurt in it remains, I can’t say enough words to heal it I can’t cry enough tears, I’ve been battling this demon for years and years and YEARS, I just want to hear you love me but that can’t even help, I’m to high off all the stress to even tell that to myself, so I give my dreams to momma I give all my tears to dad, I write all my broken promises in an old notepad, there’s just no hope to help me I’m sorry it’s a waste, I really wonder why I even landed in this place.

~ mskraizy

I Understand

She looked at the sky and raised her hands high, and then she was granted an optional choice,
The Dream from behind compelled her inside to lift up to heaven her silent voice,
A teardrop was born that gleamed in the light as it modeled it’s way down her cheek,
With all she released there was still no relief for her feet were still held by defeat,
Her hands trimmed with moonlight and buffered with hope clenched each other in stinging pain,
For she knew herself that nobody else could help her inside to change,
She dared not to burden her friends with the pain so she hardly looked away from the floor,
But even without looking I could tell by her movements that she no longer could take it much more,
Her voice screams loud and the birds run away as they flap into the night sky,
Even from this far I can still see the pain and resentment in her eyes,
It’s hard to make her understand that I feel her pain and that one day it will all change,
For here I stand, at my own edge of the cliff thinking about doing the same…

~ Mskraizy